No Poo Dry Shampoo Recipe

Dry shampoo powder
Dry shampoo recipe

“No Poo” Dry shampoo recipe.

Use a No Poo dry shampoo as part of your regular hair care routine, whenever your locks need a break from the damaging heat of drying and liquid shampoos, your hair will thank you for it.  This natural homemade hair care dry shampoo recipe is Eco-friendly, with no nasty sprays , it works as well as any commercial product.  Although not the simplest recipe available, it’s the best I’ve ever tried and worth the extra effort and cost, plus this dry shampoo will probably last you and all your friends for at least 12 months.




2 cups – Arrowroot

1 cup – Cornflour

1/2 cup – Magnesium Carbonate

1 cup –  Cosmetic Grade Talc

1/2 Cup – Sodium Bicarbonate

10 x Drops – Your Favourite Essential Oil

1/2 Cup – Cocoa Powderfor Dark Hair



Mix all the dry shampoo ingredients together and store in a sealed airtight container

You can re-use an old talc bottle to store your “No Poo” dry shampoo or use an old make-up brush to dust on and remove excess dry shampoo powder. Give this as a gift to friends and family in a small jar along with brush.  Makes a perfect natural hair care birthday gift for someone who appreciates the thought and effort that goes into hand-making a natural alternative.