Reclaimed Pine Folk Soap Display Boxes

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Hand Made Display or Storage Boxes from Reclaimed Pine

They look amazing on the stall, vintage similar to the old French Savon de Marseille Traditional soap making boxes.

I get lots of enquiries as to where I purchased them, so much so I have decided to add them to the website for sale.

Reclaimed Pine Vintage Storage Boxes
Folk Soap Shop DisplayThey are made from reclaimed pine, can be stained in beach, medium oak or antique pine if printed, if not printed they can be stained in dark oak or any other dark wood colour.
medium oak hand crafted storage box
Medium oak shop or market display box

If you’d like to purchase one they are £20 each printed and £15 just stained and varnished.
They are the type of thing that lasts a lifetime and never goes out of fashion, they are handy, sturdy, Eco-friendly   and beautiful. 😉

They look great in the bathroom for storage, are good for keeping fruit and veg fresh, shoe storage, market stalls, shop displays, storing wine, their uses are endless.

They can be made as custom orders of up to 60
cm long. Just drop me an email
if you are interested

Display Boxes by Folk Soap
Folk Soap Display Boxes



dog shampoo large slab
Flea control dog shampoo in large block























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