Hand Made Natural Soaps

Natural hand crafted folk soap products. Extraordinary soap for extraordinary folk, skin loving, natural, artisan, therapeutic soap, packed full of  beneficial ingredients.  There is no comparison to hand made soaps to well known brands off the supermarket shelves. I could not ever go back to using mass market brands, the difference is just chalk and … Read more

Reclaimed Pine Folk Soap Display Boxes

Hand Made Display or Storage Boxes. For Displaying my soaps at the local markets. They are made from reclaimed pine can be stained in beach or medium oak if printed, if not printed they can be stained dark oak or antique pine.

Home Made Hairspray

Home Made Hairspray Why pay silly prices for dry dull hair when you can get a healthy shiny mop for just pennies. There are a number of recipes for home made hairspray that have been used for generations, I know my mother and grandmother used their own home made recipes in their younger days when … Read more